Ovation Pro documents

Avery Business card (C2354) download.
WH Smith’s Business card download.

Linux resources

A game called krepton which is a KDE 4 version of the old BBC B game and written by Sandro Sigala and Jonathan Marten. This is a .deb file which I have successfully installed on Kubuntu 10.04, but should work on all versions. The original source can be found here. Unfortunately I have so far been unable to compile it with sound.
Please note this no longer works on newer versions of Ubuntu as the KDE 4 libraries have been removed.

RISC OS resources

A new template file for Jonathan Duddington’s mail/news software Pluto 3.03.
Version 00.18.03a of Socketeer originally written by Andy Carter, Michael Rozdoba & Geoff Youngs.
!Google0.72 originally written by Andrew C. Poole, but with a few changes by myself. Last updated 13th September, 2005.
A POI file in OV2 format of RISC OS Show venues suitable for Tom Tom devices. POI