Basic stamping starter kit

If you’re new to this, I thought I would start by what I would call a basic starter kit for stamping.  It can seem daunting to try something new, but here’s what I would recommend you get.

Clear acrylic blocks in a variety of sizes.  If you’re pushed for money, and really don’t have the means, you can use CD cases, but they bend more than acrylic blocks, and if you’re using small stamps it’s incredibly fiddly.

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Colouring in

If you’re a grown-up, or at the very least pretending to be one, you’ll have come across the trend of colouring books not designed for children.  You may have even purchased one or two, or received them as gifts.  Have you done any colouring in them yet?  If you have, what did you like?  What did you not like?  I was lucky to be ahead of trend, as I love to colour in, and although I had forgotten for a few years, I’ve loved getting back into it.  Colouring in stamped images is one of my favourite things.  Here’s one I’ve been working on.  I’ve deliberately kept it simple, as I am one of those people that tend to be a little overboard, so it feels good to dial it back once in a while.  Kind of like looking at show homes, which are all glass, mirror and chrome, and the kind of thing you can’t have when you have little fingers around the place, or big fingers!

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My creating


As you can see from my picture, accidents happen.  Also I’m not patient, partly because I’m just not wired that way, and partly because I know I’m on a very strict time frame.  This is the wonderful stamp of the month set from HobbyArt.  They do a wonderful thing, and once a month one of their sets is reduced, and comes with a project sheet.  I particularly like their stamps because they always come out wonderfully, and they’re perfect for beginners.

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First post

I’m not sure at the moment how much I am going to use this, but I do have things to share, so here will be the place to do it.

I plan to show my work, to tell you which craft companies I adore, and which products I like to use.  If I have had had items that aren’t as good, I’ll tell you that too, in the hopes I can stop others making purchasing errors.

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