My World

My World

He awoke with a start. The morning light was beginning to come through the window. He heard the slow steady breathing of his companion and relaxed. It was still early and he had no intention of getting up yet. He stretched lazily and considered going back to sleep but the breathing changed and his friend woke up.

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Ubuntu seen on a netbook in Comet store

Visited the local Comet store at the weekend and came across this netbook running Ubuntu Netbook remix. Looked quite smart and very easy to use. I did think about asking the staff about it, but remembering what they’re like for answering technical questions I thought again. Update: Thanks to my wife, I now own one of these netbooks. Taking me a while getting used to the keyboard and touchpad. Hopefully, I’ll be able to upgrade it to Intrepid Ibex at some point.

Seen on an Advent Calendar

Wall-e advent calendar

Saw this on a Disney Wall-e advent calendar today. I thought the idea of an advent calendar was to eat one daily through December until either the 24th or 25th, or am I supposed to save them up for the weekend and then give them to my daughter in one go?