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As you can see from my picture, accidents happen.  Also I’m not patient, partly because I’m just not wired that way, and partly because I know I’m on a very strict time frame.  This is the wonderful stamp of the month set from HobbyArt.  They do a wonderful thing, and once a month one of their sets is reduced, and comes with a project sheet.  I particularly like their stamps because they always come out wonderfully, and they’re perfect for beginners.

Today though, I was making what were supposed to be perfect leaves, and bears to colour in.  I was trying to line up the leaf stamps at the start, but I got a bit annoyed and started just randomly stamping kind of on top for the others, and because I was doing something I rarely do (taking the stamp to the ink, I prefer turning the block over and dabbing the ink onto the stamp) I accidentally flipped the ink pad onto the bears I already stamped.  Fiddlesticks!  Well, that’s not the word I used, it only had 4 letters and wasn’t polite for a lady.

This all goes to show why I never only stamp 1 image, although I did manage to make both of the ones I already stamped useless.  Yes, I could trim out the error, it wouldn’t be that difficult to make one usable, but then I wouldn’t have my back-up.  So that’s my first thing to teach you, always have a back-up stamped image.  Colouring can always go wrong, so make sure you’ve done 2, if you end up with the first one being perfect, even when you’re ready to mount it?  Brilliant!  If you don’t though, you won’t throw all of your toys out of the window, or stamp when you’re grumpy.  That never ends well.

In case you wanted to purchase these stamps, I’ve put the link to the website at the top.  I stamped the images in Vintage Sepia Versafine, and under the leaves are done in Pine Versacraft, although I am probably not going to use the leaves.  I’ll think on it.

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