First post

I’m not sure at the moment how much I am going to use this, but I do have things to share, so here will be the place to do it.

I plan to show my work, to tell you which craft companies I adore, and which products I like to use.  If I have had had items that aren’t as good, I’ll tell you that too, in the hopes I can stop others making purchasing errors.

I craft because I like making things.  I stamp because I cannot draw.  I’ve tried so much, and it caused me such pain because I can see in my head what I want to create, but there’s some sort of block between my head and my hands, because even with extensive help I can’t create what I want.  The inner perfectionist made me throw that away.  Add to that I have no patience, none, and drawing was not for me.

Don’t take up crafting because you think it will save money.  We all have dreams like that, but unless you’re super speedy, enjoy making 100 of the same card to sell, then you will not make money.  People really don’t want to spend the money they should on handmade cards.  It takes hours, even with stamping, and colouring, and layering.  Good card is not cheap, and although things like stamps and colouring pens are re-usable, and can last a very long time, the outlay is not cheap.

Crafting is also better with a buddy, you might not get as much done, but you’ll enjoy it more and someone to bounce ideas off is a great thing.  I also think there’s nothing better than friends who craft, partly because as you get more and more experienced you find new and creative ways to misuse items.  Stick with me and I’ll show you all the short cuts I know, and will happily listen to all of yours!

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