My World

My World

He awoke with a start. The morning light was beginning to come through the window. He heard the slow steady breathing of his companion and relaxed. It was still early and he had no intention of getting up yet. He stretched lazily and considered going back to sleep but the breathing changed and his friend woke up.

“Morning Dief” the human said. It was now too late to go back to sleep. Dief kicked himself for thinking about it for too long. Dief wondered for a second how wonderful it would be to have a voice for a day. He could tell some stories that would curl hair!

The mountie showered and dressed. He made a quick breakfast and then it was off to the precinct. On the way Dief managed to water every tree. Ahhh it felt good. There was a new female scent on a tree and he took a long smell. Entire female, young, his favourite. Maybe he would run into her later.

They reached the station, the blonde haired cop was waiting. He stroked Deifs head and said his greeting to the mountie and the conversation became boring so the wolf stopped listening. He instead began to analyze the smells on the cops hoes. Well, there was a woman’s perfume that was very familiar, and the socks are the same ones as yesterday. The wolf checked the trousers and they were the same too. Maybe he didn’t go home last night!
“Frasier, do you think you could stop your wolf from frisking me? Stupid mutt!”
“Dief, kindly leave Ray alone. Why don’t you go and see Francesca.”

Dief felt obligated to comply with wishes once in a while, and it was a good idea. She might have doughnuts.

He padded through the people to Frannie’s desk. As usual she seemed to be more interested in her nails than the mounds of paperwork. “Hello Dief.” She seemed in an unusually good mood this morning.

He took the opportunity to smell her hand as she affectionately scratched him behind the ears. The perfume was the same as on Ray’s shoes. They all thought the wolf wouldn’t notice. Ray had been with Frannie last night. That would explain the happiness of Frannie and the socks and trousers with Ray. There had always been chemistry there but Frannie was always wanting Benton.

Dief thought back to what he had witnessed last night. There had been excitement all evening from Benton, and promptly at 8pm there had been a knock at the door. It was Inspector Thatcher. She was wearing a slinky black lycra dress. Meg came in and straight away they began to kiss passionately. Between the face sucking Dief heard hurried phrases like :
“You don’t know how long I have waited for this!”

And his personal favourite
“Does the wolf have to watch?”

After that it was just noises he heard through the door.

Now he was really feeling depressed. Everyone was getting some but him!