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Ubuntu seen on a netbook in Comet store

Visited the local Comet store at the weekend and came across this netbook running Ubuntu Netbook remix. Looked quite smart and very easy to use. I did think about asking the staff about it, but remembering what they’re like for answering technical questions I thought again. Update: Thanks to my wife, I now own one of these netbooks. Taking me a while getting used to the keyboard and touchpad. Hopefully, I’ll be able to upgrade it to Intrepid Ibex at some point.

Seen on an Advent Calendar

Wall-e advent calendar

Saw this on a Disney Wall-e advent calendar today. I thought the idea of an advent calendar was to eat one daily through December until either the 24th or 25th, or am I supposed to save them up for the weekend and then give them to my daughter in one go?